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Runner’s High offers tailored services for companies. From below you can learn more about examples of what we could do for your company.

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Our services for companies

You can find some examples of our services from below

We can organize running courses and provide coaching for your company’s personnel or stakeholders. Courses and coaching are always planned together with our clients. The content of the course will be planned based on your wishes.

We offer our clients different types of tests. For example we can organize lactate testing for your group in order to get everyone in the group their personal heart rate zones for optimal training. We can also organize other sort of tests. For instance Cooper test.

Our experienced coaches are happy to give a speech about well-being, running, training or exercise in general.

We offer companies recreational activities (training sessions, lectures etc.) for company retreats. We can also take care of the whole organizing of your company retreat.

We organize multiple large and medium-size running events. Pleas contact us if you wish to get your company/brand some coverage at our events. Also, if you want to bring a large group of participants to run at our event please contact us for tailored entry fees.